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Who is the Culprit? The Septic Tank or The Drain Field?

When you’re having issues with your septic tank it may be difficult to determine what is causing the issue. In most cases when your septic tank is not functioning properly a failed drain field or leach field is likely the culprit.

In other instances, septic issues can be caused for a number of reasons, including but not limited to sludge build up, cracked sewer lines, or a clogged septic filter, but in 90% of cases, a failed drain field is the culprit.

To determine if the drain field is to blame for your septic issues, look for these common signs:

Puddles in Your Yard

One way to determine if your drain field has failed is to examine your backyard for puddles. If it hasn’t rained recently and there are puddles in your backyard, then your drain field may be failing. When the drain field fails, the effluent begins to appear at ground level. Once it runs out of space, it will continue to seep into the yard, resulting in puddles.

Strong Odor Inside the Home or in the Yard

If you can smell sewage inside the home or outside while in your yard examining for puddles, it is a major sign that your drain field isn’t functioning correctly. As the effluent collects in the soil, rather than draining it can create a foul odor in your yard or septic tank or odors can come into the home through the septic vent pipe.

Slow or Backed Up Drains

A functioning drain field allows the home’s wastewater to enter into the septic tank while displacing some of the tanks content’s and pushing it into the drain field. A backup occurs when the drain field doesn’t accept the water, causing the drains in the home to clog. This backup can also affect the toilets in the home especially if they are used heavily.

If water is backing up your drains or if the drains are moving slower than usual, this could indicate that your drain field has failed. Another sign is if you need to flush your toilet multiple times for it to flush completely. slow flushing toilets can lead to damaging and unsanitary sewage backups, so it is important to contact the experts at Affordable Sanitation to have your leach field repaired.

Other Signs That Your Drain Field is Failing

If you have burping or gurgling drains or if the grass over drain field is greener than the rest of the grass, these could also be signs your drain field is failing. If you notice any of these signs, it is important to contact Affordable Sanitation as soon as possible to schedule a leach field repair.

Don’t let a failed leach field cause costly damage to your home due to a sewage backup, call Affordable Sanitation, Pittsburgh’s premier leach field service provider, today to ensure your leach field is repaired right the first time.
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