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Where Should You Place Your Septic System?

Where to Place My Septic SystemIf you’re building a new home and planning on installing a septic system to treat your household waste, then it is important early in the building process to consider where to place your system in relation to your home.
Most building codes require that your septic system be placed at least 10 feet from the home structure; however, check your local building codes for exact requirements. Aside from distance from the home, there are a few more key things to do and consider before settling on a location for your septic system:

Important Steps and Considerations

  1. Check with your state or local department of environmental protection so as to understand the rules and regulations regarding installing private septic systems. Also, find out what specific permits you’ll need to apply for before digging.
  2. Another important step before digging is to contact your utility company and schedule a survey of the property. This will reveal the location of any existing utility lines, such as cable, gas, or power, that may be damaged by digging. Calling 811 is typically a simple, effective way to get this process started.
  3. Observe the land on which you’re building. You should locate your septic system in an area that is ideally level, high ground. Steer clear of sloped terrain, areas that are dense with roots, and points of low ground, which could all lead to flooding in the drain field.
  4. Assess the permeability of the soil by having a percolation test performed. Because the operation of a septic system is largely dependent upon the absorption of wastewater by the surrounding soil, you want to avoid areas where the soil mainly consists of clay, bedrock, or gravel: all compositions that are not conducive to excess amounts of moisture. Ultimately, the soil analyst who conducts the percolation test on your property will determine the location of the best placement for your septic system.

As always, the professionals at Affordable Sanitation are ready to assist you in septic system installation and maintenance. Let our experts do the dirty work for you as you build your new home. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our team members who will help you through the entire process of selecting a location and installing your septic system.


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