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When Should I Call an Emergency Drain Cleaning Service?

Plumbing and sewer issues are some of the most dreaded and difficult to fix issues that homeowners face.

Often, a homeowner will attempt to fix a clog or identify the cause of excess water on their own, but hesitating to contact an emergency sewage or drain cleaning service can result in serious damage to the home or sewage system and excessive financial burden for the owners.

At Affordable Sanitation, we specialize in locating drainage and sewage system issues, diagnosing problems, and providing quick and effective solutions. There are several instances in which we recommend calling an emergency drain cleaning service, even if you’ve discovered the problem during off hours:

1. Overflowing Drains

A slow drain can quickly turn into a complete backup of the pipes, causing water to bubble up or spill out from fixtures like toilet bowls or floor drains. If you’ve got water flowing into the house from any of your drains or you can see water standing in a drain, call a sewage professional immediately. This type of clog can cause an immense amount of damage to the structure of the home as well as to your personal belongings if it is ignored.

2. Water Collection and Leakage

If you see water collecting in places where is shouldn’t be, you may have a serious plumbing issue. When sewer lines get clogged, water may collect around the base of the toilet, seep up through the floor, or drip down from the ceiling into rooms below.  If you see any of these indications of a plumbing issue, do not hesitate to call a professional for help.

3. Multiple Drain Backups

If more than one of your household drains is moving slowly or not at all, you could have a serious sewage line backup that needs immediate, professional attention. Affordable Sanitation’s expertly-trained technicians will locate and remove the clog using industry-leading tools and technology. We will get your drains flowing freely in no time and spare you the expenses of a damaged home and ruined possessions.

If you have a plumbing emergency or suspect a sewage line backup, call Affordable Sanitation today at 800-371-3255.When Should I Call an Emergency Drain Cleaning Service?


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