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What Happens During the Septic System Cleaning Process?

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To properly maintain your septic system and ensure its optimal functionality, you should schedule a cleaning about every 3 years. The cleaning process involves multiple steps that allow technicians to clear the entire system and assess it for any damage or malfunction.

Steps in the Cleaning Process

1. Locate and Expose Tank Lids

The homeowner should know where the tank lids are located on the property and expose them prior to a system cleaning. This saves the driver time and the customer money. If the homeowner cannot locate and expose the lids then this service can be completed for an additional charge.

2. Clearing out Sludge

Sludge is removed from the septic tank through the pumping process. Sludge is the accumulation of inorganic solids that are created by the bacteria in the tank. It accumulates and settles at the bottom of the tank, so it is important that it is removed in addition to any floating scum and liquid. Sludge removal is necessary in order to make room for additional waste.

It’s easy to schedule an appointment to have your septic system cleaned. It is difficult to clean up the mess that a neglected system can cause. Save yourself money and time. Call Affordable Sanitation today to schedule your septic system cleaning and let our thorough professionals perform the maintenance cleaning that every septic system needs.


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