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Signs of a Damaged Sewage Line

Sewer Backups

Dealing with a sewage line issue is not something that any homeowner wants to face, but unfortunately, sewage lines can become damaged, and when this happens, the only answer is to have the problem investigated and fixed immediately.

Unless you’re a professional with a drain camera, it’s hard to determine for certain if your main sewage line is damaged, but there are some telltale signs of sewage line damage that you should look out for:

Sewer BackupsRepeated Backups and Blockages: While backups, slow drains, and blockages do happen from time to time, it isn’t normal for them to occur frequently, especially after using drain clearing products or having a professional cleaning. If you’re experiencing frequent backups, blockages, or sluggish drains in multiple fixtures such as floor, sink, or bathtub drains, this points to a more serious issue within your main sewer line.
Sewage Odors: A healthy and properly functioning sewer line is airtight and should not allow sewage gas and odors to re-enter your home. If you’re smelling these foul odors, you may have a crack or leak in your main sewer line.

Lush Patches of Grass: Sewage from our homes is the perfect fertilizer for soil, so if you notice patches of bright green grass in your yard, your sewer line may be allowing sewage to seep into the ground around your home.
Sinkholes: If your sewer line is leaking, it will saturate the ground around it, causing shifts and indentations in the land. If you notice sinkholes or indentations in the grass that weren’t previously there, you should contact a sewage line professional immediately.

Septic Waste Pools: One of the most obvious and unmistakable signs of a damaged sewer line is if septic waste is collecting in a pool or puddle on your property. This liquid would smell very foul and would not reabsorb into the soil even after a few dry days. Immediately contact a sewage line professional if you see waste pooling in your yard.
Pests: Insects and rodents such as rats are attracted to the waste contained in sewage lines, so if you start to see or hear these pests inside your home, this may be a sign that they have infiltrated your sewer pipes through a crack or damaged area in the main line.

What to Do If You See Any of These Symptoms of A Damaged Sewer Line

Damage to any part of your main sewage line is an issue that needs immediate, professional attention. Ignoring this type of problem could cause serious harm to you, your family, and your home. Affordable Sanitation’s sewage line experts will put our expertise and drain camera technology to work in order to quickly diagnose and fix your sewage line damage. Call us today!


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