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Clogged Drain Repair &
Sewer Line Video

A clogged drain or toilet can cause a number of problems. In addition to being a sign of a larger problem within the plumbing system, attempting to fix the problem yourself can cause larger and more costly repairs to your plumbing. Let the highly skilled, professional experts at Affordable Sanitation get to the root of your problem and restore your clogged drains to normal.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Living with sewer drainage problems can cause constant backups and problems. Affordable Sanitation offers trenchless sewer repair throughout Pittsburgh and Western PA as an alternative to the expense of excavation and digging. Our experts perform repairs on residential, industrial and commercial sewer lines with the latest in sewer repair technology with a minimum of disruption to your business or home.

Sewer Line Replacement

Are you experiencing problems with your sewer line, and you’re not sure whether it needs repaired or replaced? While sewer lines can require repairs occasionally, there are times when it is more beneficial to replace your sewer line completely. Sewer Doctor provides expert Sewer Line Replacement Services throughout Pittsburgh and Western PA.


Nothing can be more detrimental to a property than an ineffective or defective sewage system. Affordable Sanitation’s Sewer Doctors are highly trained and educated, in order to restore your system with a minimum of disruption to your home or business.

Affordable Sanitation’s Sewer Doctors serve residential, commercial, and municipal customers across Pittsburgh and Western PA. We are Perma-Liner Certified Installers, which allows us to install new pipes without the need to dig up your whole yard. Our cured-in-place pipe and sewer line systems mean that you avoid the hassle of large excavation equipment and the time consuming job of digging out existing pipes. With just one access point, we are able to get the job done swiftly and correctly.

With our commitment to offering our customers the latest in technology combined with exceptional service, Affordable Sanitation’s Sewer Doctors use all of our own equipment, including Drain Brain™, the innovative video monitor that locates and isolates the problem with the exact location and depth.

Affordable Sanitation’s Sewer Doctors are dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art sewer pipe lining and minimizing the hassle of the replacement process. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service for each job, regardless of size, from start to finish. Contact us today for more information about our services, including trenchless piping.


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