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Pump Repair/Replacement

Septic Pump Repair Services in Pittsburgh

Affordable Sanitation has been offer septic pump repair services in Pittsburgh and Western PA since 1991. With excellent workmanship and materials that meet the highest quality of standards, we are confident that we can repair your septic pump with a minimum of disruption to your home or business. If your pump is in need of replacement, you can be sure that your new pump exceeds industry standards and will meet your needs. Pumps we repair
and replace include:

Dosage Pumps

Your dosage pump is designed to take the water that spills over from the septic tank into the dosage tank. Control switches are used to turn the pump off and on, and the tank generally requires an alarm that serves as an alert in the event of high water. The gases inside the tank can be very corrosive. When water is high in the dosage tank, your septic system is unable to process the waste, or could possibly be taking on ground water. If this happens, it is important to contact Affordable Sanitation right away so that our experts can get your dosage pump in working order.

Grinder Pumps

An important part of your sewage system, your grinder pump is responsible for “grinding” down waste particles, sending them away from your home and into the septic system. The wastewater reaches the tank connected to this pump,
which is activated once the tank reaches its fill line. It is important not to attempt to repair your grinder pump yourself, as it can cause damage to your system, or worse, lead to electrical shock. If you suspect your grinder pump is not functioning as it should, contact the professionals at Affordable Sanitation, who will be happy to get your system up and running again!

Do you need septic service assistance?
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Sump Pumps

Affordable Sanitation has the tools and the experience to assist residential, commercial, and municipal customers with their sump pump replacement and repair needs. Whether you are looking to have a new pump installed, repair an older one, or perform maintenance on an existing one, we will ensure that your sump pump is performing to its full capabilities. Your sump pump is responsible for pumping waste into your septic tank, and it is important to have the right pump that can handle solids easily. Contact the experts at Affordable Sanitation to ensure that your sump pump will give you years of clog-free service.

Service locations include (but are not limited to): Pittsburgh and the following counties: Armstrong, Indiana, Westmoreland, Somerset, Washington, Fayette, Greene, Allegheny


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