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Signs and Causes of Clogged Drains

If your sinks, bathtubs, or showers are becoming slow to drain or holding water, you’re probably looking at a drain clog of some sort. Clogged toilets and floor drains are also a common problem when proper care and preventative measures are not taken. Household drains and toilets become clogged for a number of reasons:

Clogged Sink and Bath Drains:

  • Hair and grease buildups
  • Food particles
  • Objects that do not break down quickly or easily

Clogged Toilets:

  • Flushing non-flushable personal care products
  • First-generation, Low-Flow toilets (1990s)
  • Toilet trap clogged with toilet paper or foreign objects
  • Plumbing vent blocked by outside debris

Clogged Floor Drains:

  • A clog or backup in the main drain line
  • A backup due to a sewage line problem

Clogged Septic System:

  •  Placing food items or other materials that the system cannot process down the drain
  •  Tree roots growing into the sewage lines on your property

How to Deal with Clogged Drains

The majority of homeowners attempt to remedy a drain clog on their own before seeking help, and often, you can dislodge a toilet, sink, or bathtub clog using a plunger or drain clearing products sold in any grocery store. Fixing a clog on your own is convenient and cost effective; however, there are circumstances in which you should consult and hire a professional plumber to identify and fix the issue. Affordable Sanitation’s highly trained professionals have the tools, including a drain camera, to locate the source of the clog and safely and effectively remove it. A few reasons you should call in our professionals are:


  • Frequently recurring clogs- If store-bought products fail or work very temporarily, you’ll be pouring a large amount of caustic and corrosive chemicals down into your pipes. These chemicals, if overused, can damage pipes and cause much more costly problems.
  • Clogs that require tools like an electric eel or handheld snake- Unless you are trained in how to use these tools, you may cause severe damage to or even melt PVC piping.
  • Clogs in multiple toilets or drains at once-This may indicate a backup or clog in your main drain line and would require professional removal.
  • Floor Drain Clogs: These require the location of the clog in the main line before removal can occur. They are best located with a drain camera.
  • Clogs caused by septic system backup or tree root invasion-These types of clogs need the help of a professional septic pumping or drain clearing service.

How to Prevent Clogged Drains

The best way to deal with clogs is to prevent them in the first place. There are a few simple practices that will help to keep your pipes clear of clogs and backups:


  • Use a lint catcher in the sink or basin where your washing machine drains to prevent unnecessary matter from going into the pipes.
  • Stop food from going down sink drains by using a small screened strainer in the drain.
  • Wipe excess hair from sink basins or bathtubs and use screened strainers to catch hair where possible.
  • Do not pour cooking grease into your drains. Allow it to cool and harden in a jar or cup and then dispose of it in the garbage can.
  • Do not wash any hardening compound such as cement or grout down the drain. These materials will still “set-up” under water and create a rock solid clog.
  • Do not flush personal care products like floss, q-tips, diaper wipes, condoms, or tampons down the toilet.
  • Limit the use of toilet paper, especially in low-flow toilets.
  • If you have a septic system, be sure to avoid flushing or rinsing items like coffee grounds, diapers, food scraps, and chemicals into your drain system.


If you’re experiencing clogged drains and haven’t had success clearing them on your own, contact the professionals at Affordable Sanitation. We will be happy to answer your questions and give you advice about how to break up a clog. And as always, our highly trained team is ready to step in with the tools and knowledge to find and remove clogs of all kinds. Call us today!

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