Septic Locating

Affordable Sanitation can locate your septic system tank both quickly and efficiently. We are an experienced, professional company that specializes in residential, commercial and municipal septic services. We have the knowledge and the equipment to help you find your septic system tank and avoid unnecessary damage.

Septic Pumping

A crucial part of maintaining your septic system is ensuring that your septic system is pumped. Keeping your septic system pumped every 2 to 3 years is recommended to ensure that your system stays clear. Affordable Sanitation’s septic pumping services will help to ensure that your system is back in business and flowing properly.

Septic Repair & Installation

Living with sewer drainage problems can cause constant backups and problems. Affordable Sanitation offers trenchless sewer repair throughout Pittsburgh and Western PA as an alternative to the expense of excavation and digging. Our experts perform repairs on residential, industrial and commercial sewer lines with the latest in sewer repair technology with a minimum of disruption to your business or home.


Affordable Sanitation has been serving both residential and commercial customers since 1991, including municipalities and government facilities. As Pittsburgh’s premier septic system service company, we use all of our own equipment to provide top quality service with an attention to detail. In addition, Affordable Sanitation is a Green Company. Our Agricultural Utilization Permit allows us to use farm recycling as opposed to clogging up landfills with septic waste.