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Is My Septic System Too Old? Signals of an Aging Septic System

Is My Septic System Too Old? Signals of an Aging Septic System

Is My Septic System Too Old?  Signals of an Aging Septic System

While septic system malfunctions, blockages, and foul odors can occur in a septic system of any age, these are also a few of the telltale signs that indicate your septic system may be on its way out.

With proper care, use, and maintenance, a septic system typically functions properly for about 25 years, so if your system is older and you’re experiencing some of the following indicators, you may need to explore a system replacement:

  1. Frequent Backups In the House-An occasional backup in your septic system is never a pleasant situation, but it is not abnormal for this to happen from time to time, and it can be remedied by having the system pumped. If a septic system is reaching the end of its life, though, you may find that backups are occurring quite frequently. If your toilets are slow to flush and sinks are slow to drain on a regular basis, then you may need to begin researching your replacement options.
  2. Recurring Bad Odors-If backups are frequent, then you’re probably smelling foul odors coming in through the drains of your home quite often. Although odors can be present for a number of reasons, these consistent, foul odors, when paired with frequent backups, can be another mark of a failing septic system.
  3. Standing Water-If your septic system is no longer functioning properly you’ll see slow drains inside, but you’ll also find standing water in your yard, particularly above your drainfield. This is nothing to ignore and may be a signal of a serviceable issue or the need for a system update. Be sure to get an inspection immediately if you have standing water on your property.
  4. Bright Green Grass-It sounds nice, but if you have lush green grass growing over your drainfield and not on the rest of your property, then you may have a significant issue. Failing septic systems cannot distribute water into the soil properly, so the excess treated water provides extra fertilization to the soil which results in bright green grass.
  5. Frequent Need to Pump-A properly functioning septic system needs to be pumped every 3 to 5 years depending on factors such as household size and disposal practices. If you find that your system needs to be pumped more often than this, you could be facing a system replacement in the near future.

Whether you need standard maintenance pumping, service, or inspection for your septic system, the professionals at Affordable Sanitation provide prompt, high-quality service to help keep your septic system running as it should. Call us today if you suspect your septic system may need to be inspected or replaced. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you in making this decision.


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