What kind of pipe do I have?

The three most common pipes found in older homes needing to be lined are:

  • Terra-cotta pipe – Root damage, water infiltration within the joints, leaking out of joints which causes clogged pipes, cave-ins, and joint separation.
  • Cast iron pipe – Rusting from the inside resulting from the pipe being significantly smaller which causes clogged pipes. Also the pipe rusting on the bottom leads to water and sewage leaving the pipes, which also causes clogged pipes and root damage.
  • Orangeburg pipe – Pipe simply falls apart.

Why is a “Liner” better than a “Traditional Pipe”?

A Liner is a better repair method simply because there is little to no digging involved in this trenchless process, making for a potentially more cost-effective and less disruptive method than traditional “dig and replace” pipe repair methods. In addition, there is no loss of structural integrity of the existing sewer pipe.

What is the excavating process (if any)?

Typically there is a single hole dug to gain access to the sewer line vs. an entire trench (possibly utilizing heavy equipment) that would disrupt your lawn, trees, driveway, sidewalk, basement floor, walls, etc.