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About Septic Dye Testing

A Septic Dye Test is a non-invasive procedure that is used when it is necessary to assess the condition of a property’s sewage system. Septic Dye Tests are designed to reveal any leaks or problems in the septic system, and are a good indicator that the system is in need of repair.

In Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection requires each township or borough to adopt a corrective action plan, in order to help control overloading of the sanitary sewer system. Depending on where you live, a septic dye test may be required in order for you to sell your property. In addition, many financial institutions also require a Septic Dye Test prior to approving financing.

For a Septic Dye Test, a fluorescent dye is introduced into the septic system, and then “traced” to ensure that the septic system is equipped to handle the amount of waste that it is processing.   The dye is flushed down a toilet, usually a lower level one, that is presumed to be connected to the septic system. Water is then introduced into the system in order to flush the dye from septic tank into the leach field. Once the leach field has been completely saturated, the ground surface will be monitored for dye that has migrated to the surface, indicating that there is a problem somewhere in the septic system.

If dye is visible on the surface of the ground, it will be noted in the Septic Certification report, with the recommendation that a more invasive Septic Inspection be done in order to assess the extent of the damage. A failed Septic Dye Test is an indicator that there is a failure in the septic system somewhere, which will require either a repair or a replacement.

While there are many “DIY” kits available on the market, it is highly recommended that a Septic Dye Test be done by a qualified septic contractor. For starters, only a trained professional can recognize the appropriate signs in the testing process that may spell trouble for the septic system, and only a licensed professional can issue a Septic Certification that will be recognized by local governments and financial institutions.

Affordable Sanitation specializes in septic tank services and septic tank maintenance, including installation, repair, maintenance, and septic inspections. As a family-owned business operating in and around the Pittsburgh area since 1991, Affordable Sanitation is committed to meeting the septic needs of both residential and commercial customers, and to getting the job done right.

Septic Dye Testing


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