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A French drain is a system of piping installed beneath the ground that uses gravity to direct water away from a specific area. Whether the water is doing damage to a property or is standing for a period of time without being absorbed into the ground, a French drain coaxes the water to an alternative location that can handle the excess moisture.

French Drain Installation

The installation of a French drain consists of a few key steps:

• If the drain is being installed along the foundation of your home, our crew will dig a trench that is deeper than your foundation in order to keep water away from the structure. If the standing water is not near the foundation then an 18-24 inch deep trench that gradually increases in slope is dug from the affected area to the outlet location. This sloped trench encourages water to flow into and through it based on the laws of gravity.

• Perforated piping is installed alongside the foundation and throughout the length of the trench. This helps to direct all excess water in the area into the piping so that it can flow away from the foundation to the outlet point. Tar and insulation board are applied to the walls of the foundation that abut the French drain. These materials act as a sealant and prevent water from penetrating the walls in the future.

• The entire depth of the trench is back-filled with stone, which protects the pipe but allows water to enter the trench and be carried away from the structure.

Water Issues Corrected by French Drains

There are several reasons you may need to have a French drain installed on your property. French drains provide a solution to the following water issues

1. Flooding/Standing Water

If you have consistent flooding in a certain area of your yard after hard, heavy rain or if there is an area where water sits for days or weeks without being absorbed, a French drain will take care of the issue by giving the water somewhere to go to be absorbed or collected so that it will no longer do damage to the home or the lawn.

2. Damaged Foundations

Excess water lurking around the foundation of the home can create an expensive mess. If unabsorbed water enters into cracks in your foundation, it could cause flooding in your basement and create an ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow on the walls. French drains keep water away from your foundation and protect your home from water damage.

3.Damaged Outdoor Areas

Water damage is not limited to the foundation or inside of the home. When water isn’t being absorbed by the ground, it can create hazardous situations in and around your outdoor living area. Standing water can erode pavement on a patio area, attract mosquitoes, cause driveways to crack as the ground heaves up underneath, and create slick, slimy, or icy walkways and driveways. Each of these issues can be prevented with a French drain system installation.

Affordable Sanitation’s French Drain Experience and Process

Assessment: When a homeowner calls us with standing water on their lawn or water damage issues on their property, our professional team assesses the property and the damage to determine an appropriate solution to the problem. Often, a French drain system is the best way to alleviate the water issue. This initial visit and estimate are always free of charge to the customer.

Communication: We communicate with our clients every step of the way. From initial assessment, to total cost, to explaining our process and procedures, our clients know exactly what to expect from start to finish. We attempt to work around the schedules of the homeowners to ensure that the job gets done as quickly as possible without disrupting a family’s routine.

Experience: Our team of workers installs an average of 2 French drains per month and has extensive experience in the installation process. Typically, a French drain installation takes 1-2 days to complete; however, in some complicated circumstances, it can take longer.

If you suspect that your lawn needs a French drain system, leave it to the experts at Affordable Sanitation to complete the job in a timely and professional manner. Call us today at 1-800-371-3255.


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