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Benefits of Regular Septic System Maintenance

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If you want to avoid a costly mess caused by your septic system, the best way to do so is to perform and practice regular maintenance and daily care.

Paying attention to the small details will create the best atmosphere for an efficient septic system function. Not only will regular septic maintenance keep your system running smoothly, but it will also help save you money

Avoid Expensive Repairs and Services

A septic system failure due to neglect is typically extensive and expensive. Pipes, and sometimes the entire tank, must be replaced, costing homeowners a large chunk of savings. Daily and yearly maintenance is the best way to avoid ever having the system fail due to a maintenance issue.

Regular Maintenance Tips

There are a few easy and necessary steps to take on a regular basis in order to maintain your septic system and steer clear of the problems mentioned above:

  • Regular Pumping: Schedule septic tank pumping for every 2-5 years depending on the size of the tank and household use.
  • Monitor What Goes Down the Drain: A septic system cannot break down many materials and substances. Avoid flushing things like tampons, baby wipes, condoms, grease, coffee grounds, paint thinner, and cleaning chemicals.
  • Space Out Water Use: Don’t do all your laundry in one day, and strategize with family members and guests about bathing schedules so that the system is not overwhelmed.

If you need help with a septic system issue or you want to schedule a pumping, call the experts at Affordable Sanitation. Our knowledgeable, professional team will be happy to help you keep your septic system running smooth!


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